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 Swapping OEM parts

The interiors of all Golf III and Golf IV Cabrios can be swapped with each other.  The front seats can be swapped with a hard-top Golf/Jetta III.  Seats from a hard-top Golf/Jetta IV cannot be swapped into a Cabrio without fabrication work.


The front seats of the Golf IV Cabrio have airbags incorporated into them, while the Golf III Cabrio does not.


The door panels from a Golf III Cabrio will fit onto a Golf IV Cabrio door. 


The manual window regulators from a Golf III Cabrio can be swapped into a Golf IV Cabrio door.


 Glove box

Golf III Cabrios: Those with passenger-side airbags do not have glove boxes.  In most cases, a glove box can be retrofitted from another A3-generation Volkswagen.


 Removing steering wheel & airbag (Golf IV)
  1. Unplug your car's battery. This will prevent the airbag control module from accidentally deploying the airbag when it is unplugged or plugged in.
  2. Insert a small screwdriver or similar object into one of the two holes on the back of the steering wheel. You may need to turn the wheel completely to one side to reach the hole.
  3. Using moderate pressure, push the end of the screwdriver toward the middle of the steering wheel. Your goal is to release the spring clip holding the airbag in place. You'll know when you get it because that side of the airbag will release and pop forward a little.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side. The airbag is now free. Unplug it and set it aside, leather side up.
  5. Unplug the horn grounding connector and unscrew the three philips-head screws holding the clock spring on.
  6. Using a 24mm socket or wrench, unscrew the large center nut holding the wheel to the column.
  7. Carefully remove the wheel, minding the airbag and horn ground wires. They may need adjustment to slip through their respective holes.

Thank you to Dave Linger & the original Cabrio-Info site for this information.

 Instrument clusters
The Golf IV Cabrio gauge cluster is unique because it has black faces, orange needles and blue lighting. The Golf III Cabrio came with identical gauge clusters as all other Golf/Jetta III's. There were silver gauge faces and orange needles, black gauge faces and white needles, and also some early Cabrios came with the black bubble gauge face cluster with white needles. All standard Golf III's came with green lighting in the clusters.
  • The furthest left gauge in the cluster is the coolant thermometer, ranging from 160 to 230 Fahrenheit (70-110 Celsius on the European cluster) .
  • Next is the speedometer, from 0 to 140 miles per hour, with kilometers per hour on an inner ring. The European Cabrio cluster has only km/h markings, no mph markings (0-220 km/h).
  • Toward the right is the tachometer, reading from 0 to 7000 RPM. Red line reads at 6200 RPM.
  • Finally, on the far right is the fuel gauge. Above that is the indicator that shows which gear the transmission is in (automatic transmission only). An automatic cluster may be used in a manual car with no problems; however, a manual cluster can not be used in an automatic car.

Along the bottom is the display which shows BRAKE, Airbag, Check Engine, and other diagnostic lights.

USA cluster, automatic, unlit USA cluster, automatic, lit Europe cluster, manual, lit
photo by "LG6R" of VWvortex photo by "LG6R" of VWvortex photo by "1SickWhtDub" of VWvortex
Thank you to the original Cabrio-Info site for this information.
 HVAC controls

The Golf III Cabrio HVAC controls are identical to all other A3 chassis cars. The Golf IV Cabrio has very similar to most A3 chassis VWs but they are red lit, to match the rest of the interior.

Thank you to the original Cabrio-Info site for this information.

 Steering column

The 2001/2002 Cabrio has a unique steering column upper shroud to any other VW of which there are two versions:

  • Pre-2001 cars have the cover with an ABS molding that allows for the hazard warning switch (no version noted in VW order system)

  • Post-2001 cars have a hazard warning light delete on the steering column upper shroud (identified as Version "a" in dealer order system)


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