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 Connecting the OBD II diagnostic/scan tool (or VAG-COM data link connector)

Beginning with the 1996 model year, all vehicles sold in the United States were required to have OBD-II diagnostics.  The the location of the connection port for each Cabrio generation is shown below.  If you're connecting your own diagnostic tool, please read the tool's instructions for proper use.  Most tools come with a list of fault codes and their definitions; if yours does not have this list, they are widely available on the Internet and in the Bentley Service Manuals.  Keep in mind that fault codes only tell you what part of what system is having a problem, it does not tell you specifically what is wrong.


These ports are also the data link ports used by Volkswagen's computer software (aka VAG-COM), which is available for purchase online.  The VAG-COM is more than just a diagnostic tool.  Read all about it, and/or even purchase it, by visiting http://www.ross-tech.com/ .


Golf III Golf IV


Open the ashtray and slide the OBD cover to access the diagnostic port.


No access cover; simply plug the tool into the port.

 Daytime running lights (DRLs)

The DRLs should turn on when the emergency brake is released.  If the DRLs turn on as soon as the ignition key is turned, the switch connected to the emergency brake may be faulty.  The switch is located near/under the emergency brake handle.


 Disabling daytime running lights (DRLs)

To disable the DRLs remove the headlight switch, unplug the electrical harness, follow the instructions below, plug the harness back into the switch and reinstall the switch into the dash.


Note: DRLs are required by law in some countries; disable the DRLs at your own discretion and risk.



Location of TFL pin

Version 1: Cut the yellow wire.


Version 2: Break the TFL pin on the back side of the switch.


Place a piece of electrical tape over the TFL pin on the back side of the switch.  Be sure the single piece of tape covers both sides of the pin.


 City lights as DRLs

If your North American Cabrio has "city lights", you may be able to enable them as DRLs by following this DIY guide (the guide is for a Golf/Jetta IV, but the procedure should be roughly the same).


 Power windows

The power window regulators in all Cabrios are Cabrio-specific.  In other words, the regulators from the hard-tops will not work.


 Cruise control

For tips on troubleshooting the cruise control system go to http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=4760673 .


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